Environmental, economic and social

Corporate responsibility

For 3 Step IT, corporate responsibility means developing our business to be as environmentally, financially and socially responsible as possible. We want to encourage open and honest dialogue with our customers, partners and employees regarding both

  • the way in which we conduct ourselves as a business, and
  • the impact that has on the environment ane the markets in which we operate.

Our aim is to be responsible and trustworthy in everything we do – everywhere we operate. Environmental, economic and social responsibility are the foundations of our business model.

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Being a responsible business means that we:

  • extend the life of used IT equipment. Re-use saves valuable resources and reduces carbon emissions
  • reduce the environmental impact of unavoidable IT equipment disposal
  • provide affordable used equipment to educational institutions and markets where cost barriers prevent access to the latest technology
  • create new job opportunities and grow our business sustainability
  • provide our employees with a safe, fair and open working environment
  • offer emplyees job satisfaction, professional development and fair rewards

Our environmental responsibility

Helping you achieve your
sustainability goals

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Our solutions are designed to help customers get better value from their IT budget and reduce the environmental impact of their IT operations.

The 3 Step IT business philosophy is based on extending the life of the IT equipment we lease to our customers. We save resources and minimise the environmental impact of disposal by

• making it easy and cost-efficient for our customers to return leased equipment
• extending IT devices’ useful life by refurbishing and reselling it for secondary use 

We find a new home for 98% of returned equipment. The remaining 2%, usually faulty or broken equipment, is responsibly recycled through our ISO 14001 certified recycling partners.

Sustainability continually developed

We evaluate our operations regularly from an environmental perspective. We aim to develop them to ensure that we operate in an ever more responsible and sustainable way.

We continually develop our methods and processes to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes our packaging and transportation as well as the reuse and recycling of packaging material. For example, we have developed our own environmentally friendly packaging methods together with our logistics partner: We reduce the volume of packaging materials used in our deliveries. We reuse packaging where practical. We recycle packaging when it is worn out.

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Putting our emploees first ensures

Delivering the best service
for our customers

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Our employees are critical to our success and our most valuable asset. As a service business, we believe that when we put our people first, they deliver the best possible service for our customers.

We want to be a great place to work for our employees. We continually develop

  • a working environment where employees can trust the management
  • be proud of their work 
  • enjoy working with each other

We regularly measure what our employees think about their work. Their direct feedback is listened to.

We also provide job satisfaction, professional development, learning opportunities, fair and appropriate benefits, and a safe working environment where everyone is treated equally and where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.

Every year we run an employee survey, and use the feedback to assess and improve our management, communications and training approach.  Perhaps the key measure is that 98% of employees say 3 Step IT is a great place to work.

Affordable IT technology for everyone

For us, social responsibility is also about providing people with access to affordable technology that

  • improves the quality of their everyday lives
  • helps to provide them with better educational opportunities

By refurbishing IT equipment and making it available to educational institutions at competitive prices, we can help schools improve the education they provide.

Much of the equipment we refurbish is exported. The largest single market is Poland, where many businesses are less mature and refurbished equipment offers a high value, lower cost solution. While there is widespread demand, we restrict our sales to countries with effective electronic waste regulations, to assure collection and disposal after its second life is done responsibly.

Growth with integrity economic responsibility

Our economic responsibility is based on sustainable growth and improving our competitiveness without compromising our business ethics. It has its roots in the 3 Step IT attitude, which is about being honest, transparent and open in everything we do.

Since 3 Step IT was established in 1997, we have grown quickly, but always also steadily and sustainably. This steady, sustainable growth has allowed us to continually create new job opportunities.

Our goal is to continue this growth and expand internationally. Long term robust and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners provides a foundation for our growth.

Quality, Environmental and Information Security Policy for 3 Step IT™ Group and all its affiliates

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